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When WILL It Arrive?

**Edited Saturday morning to add that comments are now closed on this post!  The winner will be announced by noon today EST!  Thank you all for joining in the fun!**

**Edited to add – the jewelry has arrived!! Sometime today, between morning and 4:00 PM, UPS arrived at my door! Make your guess before midnight tonight to be entered to win!**

Good ol’ Mother Nature has really been testing my patience this week!  I recently placed 3 separate jewelry orders, and have been eagerly awaiting their arrival, as have my customers!  BUT we have had a bunch of snow, ice, and freezing temperatures this week that have just kept the UPS man away.

Every morning, I have awakened and checked the status of my UPS delivery.  And every morning, at least 1 of my 3 deliveries has been “Out For Delivery”.  So I stalk my front window all day, waiting to catch a glimpse of the UPS driver pulling up to my house so I can intercept the packages for him.

And yet, every evening, I get the notification that my delivery has yet again been delayed due to severe weather.  And I will admit, I have been less than gracious about the whole delay.

This morning, rather than lament that my jewelry is missing yet again, I decided to change my own outlook and have a little fun!  SO, dear friends, will you join my in my eager anticipation of not 1 delivery, but all 3? They are ALL on the truck this morning!  Do you think they will make it through??

When, oh when, will my jewelry arrive?