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What Does Climbing Mt. Everest Have in Common with Direct Sales?

Have you ever wondered how some people have conquered Mt. Everest?

It is over 29,000 feet tall.  About 4,000 people have attempted to climb this monster, and 142 people have perished in their attempt.  Of the 4,000 that have tried, 660 have succeeded, reaching the top!

That is an 83% failure rate.

Think about that.

83% of the people who try to climb Mount Everest have failed.  And yet they still tried.

3.5% died trying.

What do the people who made it to the top all have in common?

They never gave up.  They kept climbing, hand over foot, no matter what obstacles.  They overcame.

Working a Direct Sales can be compared to climbing Mt. Everest.

According to WikiHow, there are some basic steps to climb any mountain, and they apply equally well to starting and succeeding in your Direct Sales business.

1. Do Your Research – like choosing which mountain to climb, you need to determine which Direct Sales business best suits your needs and passions.  Look at the company website, review the compensation plan, check out the product.  Make sure this is both something you believe in, and something you can actually earn money doing.

2. Assess your mental strength – do you have what it takes to keep going when things are tough?  Because they WILL be tough.  You are starting a business, and while you have support from your upline, there is a learning curve.  This is not a job for those who expect things to fall in their laps.

3. Get fit! – not physically fit, but mentally fit!  Read some good books on Direct Sales, like

4. Acquire the gear – Time to sign up for your starter kit!  Whatever business you have chosen, the company will have a fee for you to become a distributor. Your starter kit should include product samples, and all of the business materials you need to get started right away!

5. Learn about business ethics – You can look at the Direct Selling Association for best business practices.  Be sure you are running your business ethically in everything you do.  It will keep your customers coming back to you!

6. Get training! – In Direct Sales, this will come from your upline (your sponsor and their sponsors) and your company.  Your upline should be working with you to start you strong.  Do not be afraid to ask them questions!

7. Plan your first party! – This is the exciting part!  You get to launch your new business, usually with your “warm market”, which consists of your friends and family.  Plan a party in your home, inviting your contacts to come and tell you what they think of your new products! This is your opportunity to let them know what you are doing, and invite them to earn free product from you by hosting a party.

8. Keep improving your skills and trying harder things – Work with your upline to improve your skills.  Book parties with people you have never met before!

9. Find a Good Guide – this is a business mentor who either is or has been where you want to be.  Pick their brain and find out exactly what steps they took to get there.  Then do as they say!  It is important to note that this person does not have to be a part of your company!

10. Start Climbing! – Don’t let fear or doubt get in your way.  You are well prepared!  You just need to execute now!

As you can see, starting a Direct Sales business is a lot like climbing Mt. Everest. To succeed, you must be willing to strengthen and expand your skills.  You must forge ahead, even when things get difficult. You must be tougher than most of the other DS consultants out there!

Remember that every person that reaches the top has started at the same place…


You can do this!

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