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The Power of Your Smile

You have the power to be the change in someone’s world…


Have you ever run across a person who just looked like they were having a bad day?  Maybe the cashier at your grocery store, a teller at your bank, or a teacher at your child’s school?

What do you do when someone like this crosses your path?

I recently flew across the country for Paparazzi’s annual convention.  Have you flown recently?

TSA agents herd travelers through checkpoints at every airport.  There are rules to follow, such as no shoes on your feet, no liquids in your bags, etc.  And you have to go through the metal detectors, as well.

It’s easy, as a traveler, to get frustrated with the agents who are tasked with our safety.  After all, they are the face behind all of these rules.

Imagine how these TSA agents must feel?  People are rude and grumpy towards them all day long.  They are argumentative, and sometimes downright cruel.  I can only imagine how stressful this job must be.

As I came across these checkpoints in my travel, I smiled at each agent I met.

“Hi!  How’s your day going?” I kindly asked.

And with each smile and friendly remark, hardened faces softened.  Scowls turned to smiles!  And otherwise quiet people offered a kind word and a smile!

A simple smile and a kind word can make all the difference in the world!  We all have the ability to change someone’s day.

The question is…

will you take the first step?

Be the change in the world!

Offer love and kindness!