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The END of Tangled Jewelry!

Jewelry lovers everywhere all ask this question at one time or another…

How do I store my jewelry without getting it all tangled?

Whether you own fine jewelry, or have an obsession with fun costume jewelry, storage can definitely be an issue.  Especially if you have a lot of longer necklaces that tend to get jumbled up and tangled easily!

Well, I am here to help you find an END to this problem!

If you are limited on space, you will appreciate the compact nature of this hanging jewelry organizer!  With plenty of pockets on the front, and velcro loops on the back, you will find a place to keep all your baubles, from necklaces and bracelets, to earrings and rings!

Another option is to use an over-the-door jewelry hanger. The one caution I would give to this is to be aware that your necklaces will hit the back of the door when you open and close it, meaning lots of noise!


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Finally, if you are looking for a more substantial piece that doubles as a mirror in your dressing room, this beautiful mirrored armoire would be just the ticket for you! This is truly the most versatile piece, as it has tons of storage capabilities.

No matter which storage solution you find works for you, it is very important to keep your jewelry stored in a dry environment. Please do not store your jewelry in the bathroom, where it is subjected to extreme changes in humidity on a daily basis. This is a sure fire way to tarnish your items, shortening your enjoyment of them!

How do you keep your jewelry from tangling?