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The Colors of Fall/Winter 2015

If you live in the world of fashion, even a little, you’ve likely heard of the Pantone colors.  It sounds intimidating, but it really is just a collection of colors that you will see everywhere over the course of the season.

This year, Marsala has been dubbed the “Pantone Color of the Year”, meaning it has shown up through both the Spring and Fall fashion seasons.

The Fall/Winter 2015 color palette is filled with lovely shades of pinks and purples, blues and yellows, greens, and oranges.  The colors are dusky and muted, rather than pastelle or vibrant.

They are striking when paired with silver and gold jewelry, as well.

Try pairing Biscay Bay or Amethyst Orchid with Stormy Weather for a sophisticated look.

Or Dried Herb and Oak Buff layer nicely for a pop of color!

Not only will you see these colors in the departments stores, but you will also see them in our Paparazzi Accessories, as well.  Using the Pantone colors helps ensure our jewelry stays on trend for you!

Which color are you most excited to try this season?  I’d love for you to share your favorite Pantone color in the comments!