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Thank you, Dr. Google. Just…Thanks.

We’ve all done it.

Someone falls ill, and the first thing we do is Google the symptoms, convincing ourselves that said person is dying right before our very eyes.

Last night, that person was me!

My 5-year-old, Jeffrey, had a rash around his eyes most of the day yesterday, and it seemed to have gotten progressively worse throughout the day, so that by bedtime, it was looking pretty angry.

My dear husband asked me if I had looked it up yet, which I had not at that point.

So there we were, sitting around the table eating bowls of ice cream, while I sat there with my iPad and searched “5-year-old with rash around eyes”.

There, sitting in front of me right on the screen, were many different possible diagnosis – some of them harmless, some life threatening.

And where does my Mommy-brain go??

You guessed it!

So off to the ER we went.  Thank you, Dr. Google.  Just…thanks.

See that rash?  That brought us to the ER last night!

See that rash? That brought us to the ER last night!

Now, I will say, we have an amazing  Hospital nearby with a pediatric ER, and that is my preferred place to visit after doctor’s hours.

I jokingly told them I was there so they could tell me I was completely overreacting, and as it turns out, I was!

Jeff is having an allergic reaction to something he came across, though I don’t know what.  He isn’t dying, and he won’t suffer any permanent damage.

They dosed him with Benadryl, and sent us on our way with instructions to return if anything gets worse.  Otherwise, follow-up with our PCP on Monday!

The lesson?

Without Google, I likely would have just sent Jeff to bed last night and kept an eye on him.  We would have done Benadryl if it hadn’t gotten better by this morning, and if it had still been an issue tomorrow, I would have brought him to Urgent Care to be looked at.  But, because of Google, I thought there was a possibility of this being something much worse!

So Moms everywhere, trust your first instinct!  We often are right, and know our babies better than the Internet!

What Google diagnosis have you come up with? Was it right?  Share them in the comments!