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March Heralds the Spring Color Line!

Cold temperatures…frozen lakes…snow covered landscapes…

Winter has been brutal for much of the country, and people everywhere are looking forward to Spring!  At Paparazzi Accessories, Spring has sprung!

Lucite is a new Spring color that will brighten your palette in the upcoming season, and can be worn by people of varying skin tones, making it a versatile color!


Sneak Peek of 1 of 5 coordinating sets available online at starting on March 5! Or, be the first to message me for this set, and it can be yours before you can order it!

The Fashion Fix shows Paparazzi consultants AND customers both how to pair pieces seamlessly into a complete look – and each piece is only $5 (plus tax).  Where else can you find a complete look for only $20?

This set and 4 others is making its way across the country as we speak.  By the end of next week, I will be lucky enough to have this in my hands, before YOU can buy it!

What do you think of this set?  Like it, love it, or no thanks? Let me know in the comments!