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How to Transport and Store 160 Pieces of Jewelry

When you are a Paparazzi Accessories consultant, you quickly learn that the more inventory you have, the more product you sell.  

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While having a lot of inventory is wonderful for both you and your customers, it can rapidly become a transportation nightmare!

There are lots of different ways to store and transport your jewelry, but this method will allow you to easily carry 160 pieces of jewelry in a minimal amount of space.

Here’s what you’ll need:

1 Sterilite 58 Qt container – I bought mine at Walmart for $4.98

2 1/2 inch X 36 inch wooden dowels – I found mine at Walmart in the craft section

8 Twirl-a-tie holders – these can be found on Amazon or through Hotsy-Totsy.

8 1-gallon plastic storage bags – these can be found anywhere!

1/2 inch drill bit


On either side of the container handle, drill a hole using a 1/2 inch drill bit.  I drilled from the inside out to maintain the integrity of the container.  Do this on both ends of the container, so you have drilled a total of 4 holes.

Insert the dowels through the holes on either end.  You now have 2 bars going across the length of the container!  If you don’t like how far the dowel sticks out, go ahead and cut off the ends using a hack saw.  This is optional, but will likely make the whole project better.  I did this with mine.

You can now fit 4 Twirl-a-ties on each dowel in the container!  Each holds 20 pieces of jewelry, which you are going to set down in a gallon storage bag. Now your container holds 160 pieces of jewelry!

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