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Facebook Party? Learn How to Be a Great Hostess!

You’ve probably seen them, maybe even attended one before…

The infamous Facebook Party!

If you are going to host a successful Facebook party, then you will want to invite your friends the RIGHT way, so they will be more likely to attend and have fun in your party!

It’s not that tough to host a Facebook party, but you do have to put in a little work to get great results.

Following these simple steps does require some effort, but it will pay off in party attendance and sales!  And we all know that more sales means more FREE hostess rewards – and who doesn’t love that?

Host a Facebook Party with Five Dollar Divine!

Hosting a Facebook Party is lots of fun, and allows you to earn lots of FREE jewelry from Five Dollar Divine!

1. Look at your Facebook friends list and choose 60-70 ladies who you feel would really enjoy or benefit from our fun jewelry!  These will be the women with whom you have a good relationship…the ones you would invite over to your house if they lived around the corner!  Don’t worry if your friend doesn’t normally wear jewelry…she may just not like to spend too much money on herself!  With our $5 price-point, she won’t feel guilty!

2.  Click on the invite button in your FB event, and add those women.  Now, it is important to know that this is NOT the only method you will use to invite these lovely women,  In fact, if you stop there, I can just about guarantee that your party will not go well.

3.  Send each and every one of those women you invited a personal Facebook message inviting her to the party!  Your invitation should be worded something like this:

“Hey Jane!  I am so excited to be hosting a Paparazzi Accessories Facebook party, and you were one of the first women to pop in mind when I though of trendy and affordable jewelry!  You always take such great care with your appearance that I knew this would be the party for you!  We are going to be partying online on Thursday night at 9, and it will only take about 30 minutes.  Can I count on you to be there? I wouldn’t invite you unless I was sure you would love the jewelry – there are tons of pieces to choose from, and they are each only $5!  Here’s the link so you can click “going”!

Your goal is to have 25-35 INTERESTED women attend your party.  This will help ensure you reach your maximum potential in free jewelry!

4. In the days leading up to your Facebook party, please interact with the pre-party posts I make on your event page! I will usually post some kind of question for you and your guests, so I can get to know you all a little before your party.  I will only post once r twice a day, so you can just check in daily!

5. On the day of your Facebook party, you need to do a little more work!  It’s time to remind your friends that have RSVPd “going” that your party is happening LIVE tonight!  Post on your wall about your party, and ask if anyone would like an invitation!

6. Now that it is time for your Paparazzi Facebook Party, you get to interact with your guests online!  Welcome them to the party, “like” their posts, and tag them in pieces that you feel they would look good in!

That’s it!  Those are the basic steps to hosting a successful Facebook party!

Are you ready to give one a try?  Leave me a note in the comments and give my Facebook page a like!